Why Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

Why Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

We know that men (and perhaps the women who love them) are having a love affair with beards right now. Men with beards are definitely trending, and they’re almost everywhere you look! However, there’s not much love for the hair on several other parts of a man’s body, which is why they like to get it removed. Men now know that they have excellent options when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Shaving, waxing, and trimming aside – have you tried laser hair removal? We specialize in laser hair removal for men and women.

Laser Hair Removal Works!

You may have seen this familiar shot used in movies: a man who’s having his back waxed screams out in agony during the process. OUCH! We don’t consider waxing, especially a large area, a fun time. And while there’s much less pain with shaving (unless you nick yourself, of course), shaving can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs. Enter the best way for men to get rid of unwanted hair: laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal, you ask? Laser hair removal involves using a concentrated beam of light to penetrate hair follicles. That light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, damaging the hair follicles enough to inhibit future hair growth. Depending on the area being targeted, it normally takes 4 to 6 treatments to be effective. Here’s something else exciting to share – you can use laser hair removal on several parts of the body. The most commonly requested areas men want hair removed include around the ears, the back, back of the neck, genital area, stomach, shoulders, and the eyebrows (unibrow). Being able to target hair in some hard-to-get-to areas is just one of the many benefits of laser hair removal. Here are some more that will have you making an appointment with us, in no time!

  • Reduces hair growth & results are long-lasting.
  • You’ll have smoother skin.
  • You’ll be able to show off more muscle definition.
  • You won’t have to worry about irritated skin and ingrown hairs.
  • Will boost your self-confidence.
  • Saves you time and money.

Does your handsome, bearded guy need a shape-up? Laser hair removal treatment can do that too.

We Offer the Best Laser Hair Removal in Coral Gables

As you can see, there are different reasons why men should consider laser hair removal, and DermaClinic is the best laser hair removal center in Coral Gables to suit your needs. We use the painless Soprano XL technology, which is the gold standard in laser hair removal. Soprano XL’s energy penetrates deep into the dermis (where the hair follicle is located), preventing hair from ever growing back in many cases.

Contact us at (786) 210-4234 so we can schedule an appointment to meet you. We’ll discuss how our innovative, state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment technology can make your life just a little easier, and help put you in the smooth lane with smooth skin.