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Supercharge Your Skin With a Sunlighten Sauna Treatment in Coral Gables

Sweating or perspiration is the body’s natural process to regulate skin temperature and maintain its health and elasticity. Sunlighten sauna treatment in Coral Gables is an effective solution designed to promote this natural skin healing process. In this technique, clinically proven specialized sauna heaters increase the core body temperature to the required levels for sweat secretion.

The treatment stimulates the body’s internal healing mechanism to combat skin infections, illnesses, and impurities. You can provide your skin with the necessary foundational support it needs following a tiring day or during cold weather with a Sunlighten sauna treatment in Coral Gables. Let’s examine what Sunlighten sauna therapy entails, how it works, and the benefits associated with the practice.

The Power of Infrared


Infrared heat is the healthy but invisible portion of the sun’s spectrum that can safely and gently penetrate skin tissue to generate a range of skin health benefits and improve the immune system. Infrared light, which occurs naturally from the sun, forms the basis for a Sunlighten spa treatment in Coral Gables. The machine generates this light in different forms, and each type delivers unique wellness benefits for your skin and body.

sunlighten sauna treatment in coral gables

Benefits of Sunlighten Sauna Treatment 


Sunlighten sauna treatment in Coral Gables involves a 3-in-1 skin therapy that provides a comprehensive approach to skincare using infrared LED technology. It will purify and rejuvenate your skin, making it appear healthier and more youthful. 

Improving Active Acne and Acne Scarring 


Infrared sauna with Sunlighten will mitigate the appearance of acne scars and alleviate active acne breakouts. One of the root causes of acne is a build-up of oil and debris on the skin’s surface. With the infrared sauna treatment, you will sweat not from actual heat, but infrared heat, which will help cleanse clogged pores. This process will help your skin fight off acne formation, and over time, renew and regenerate the skin to cause the acne scars to fade.

Detoxifying the Skin


Infrared heat from the Sunlighten sauna will reach the deeper tissue layers of your skin, which will help eliminate toxins and heavy metals. The advanced Sunlighten sauna treatment in Coral Gables will heat your body to the core, expelling toxins that clog your skin pores and cause a variety of other skin health issues. Once your skin detox is complete, it will rejuvenate your appearance and make you feel younger and healthier. 

Creating Even Skin Tone and Smooth Texture 


Researchers over the years have studied the influence of infrared therapy on collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Results show that both of these vital ingredients for skin health received a boost after exposure to infrared heat. Sunlighten spa treatment in Coral Gables will help you attain an even skin tone, smooth texture, and radiant complexion. 

Supercharge Your Skin With a Sunlighten Sauna Treatment in Coral Gables

Full Infrared Spectrum 


With Sunlighten sauna therapy, you can obtain the benefits of the full infrared spectrum, including near-infrared and far-infrared waves. Near-infrared light improves your body at a deep cellular level and promotes tissue regeneration. Far-infrared light raises the body’s core temperature, resulting in detoxification and removal of impurities at a cellular level. The Sunlighten sauna technology includes seven preset programs, meaning your qualified med spa treatment provider can utilize them to customize the treatment to your specific skin health needs.

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Whether you are suffering from acne, aging due to time, or looking for a natural method to detoxify your body, Sunlighten sauna therapy is a reliable and effective treatment for improving the appearance and health of your skin. Visit DermaClinic in Coral Gables to discover why we are the preferred dermatological and aesthetic treatment provider in the area. Call us today at 786-224-7691 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.