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State-of-the-Art Technology, Timeless Look: Microcurrent Facials 101

Advancements in cosmetic care have led to the development of some truly innovative treatments that are helping transform people’s appearance and restoring personal confidence and self-image. One type of cutting-edge innovation is the microcurrent facial treatment

Microcurrent facials involve the use of low-grade electrical currents to “train” your loose or under-active facial muscles to become firmer and tighter. Because of the subtle lift that this treatment provides, it is popularly known as the “non-invasive facelift.” 

Microcurrent Facials in Coral Gables


The reassuring thing about a microcurrent facial treatment is that medical professionals have already used it for decades to treat patients suffering from facial muscle atrophy and heavily drooping skin. Now the cosmetic industry researchers have adapted this treatment to serve as a safe and effective anti-aging solution. 

Results with this treatment are immediate but will continue to improve over the next several days. 

microcurrent facials in coral gables

When you receive this facial treatment in Coral Gables at a well-equipped med spa, you can expect to walk out after the treatment session with visibly plumper and volumized skin, more accentuated cheekbones, a well-defined jawline, and a significant lift around your brows. 

How does it Work?


The microcurrent facial device will emit a low-voltage current to stimulate the deeper cellular layers in the affected areas. 

This triggers the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, which will volumize your skin and make your face appear fuller, smoother, and more youthful. The mild electrical current will activate the tissue’s inner healing process to repair damaged cells and renew your facial skin naturally. 

Clients who choose the right med spa for their treatment will find microcurrent facials in Coral Gables relaxing and soothing. The facial also incorporates various elements of a traditional facial, such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and a gentle facial massage.

This facial involves no post-treatment downtime, and you can resume your normal activities immediately. Your med spa therapist will evaluate your skin condition and personal goals in order to recommend the right treatment plan and the total number of sessions you may need. 

A “Workout at the Gym” for Your Face


Aesthetic experts have likened microcurrent facials to a gym workout for the face. When your body’s muscles begin to sag with age, you need to work out at the gym to keep them fit. Similarly, your facial muscles tend to loosen with age and can become firmer and tighter if somehow you can exercise them. A monthly microcurrent facial will do that for you. 

microcurrent facial treatment

According to experienced providers, a microcurrent facial also serves the function of a lymphatic drainage massage. Since the treatment will hit numerous pressure points on your face, you will feel less puffy and experience tauter facial muscles after the treatment. 

With increased cellular action, your facial muscles and connective tissue will become tighter and smoother. You will be able to notice a subtle lift around your eyelids and brows, your forehead lines will disappear, and you will achieve a more alert or awakened look. Make sure you find the right med spa therapist who can keep the results looking natural while avoiding overstimulation of the facial nerves. 

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