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Body Areas

When booking your appointment, please note that regions of the body are designated as follows.

If you want the technician to work on multiple areas during your appointment, be sure to book multiple appointments of the correct type.


  1. Upper Lip, Chin, Jawline, Sideburns or Cheeks
  2. Underarms, Hands/Fingers, Knees, or Feet/Toes
  3. Bikini Line, Peri Anal, Ears, Areola, or Belly Line


  1. Full Face, Back or Front of Neck, Shoulders
  2. Chest, Half Arms, Lower Back, or Abdomen
  3. Front Bikini, Full Brazilian, Buttocks, or Lower Legs


  1. Full Chest or Full Back
  2. Full legs or Full Arms

Full Body

  1. Upper Lip, Chin, Full Arms, Underarms, Full Back, Belly Line, Full Legs, Full Brazilian, Buttocks, and Feet/Toes