Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Looking to soothe your mind, body, and soul? DermaClinic Gables has just the thing—the precise, relaxing touch from our licensed and experienced massage therapists. At DermaClinic Coral Gables, we provide a whole host of different massage treatments that enable us to deliver a one-of-a-kind Miami massage experience in a luxurious spa environment. Our expert massage therapists in Coral Gables are trained and experienced in a myriad of different massages to help you detoxify, decompress, and de-stress.

Expel the excess stress, decompress, and turn back the hands of time with a DermaClinic massage.

Lymphatic Massage

Among your body’s most vital systems, your lymphatic system plays an integral role in ensuring detoxification. At times, our body needs a helping hand—literally. At DermaClinic Gables, our lymphatic drainage massage therapists have the right touch and the right training to help your lymphatic system drain itself by enhancing fluid balance, blood circulation, and the expulsion of toxins. Aside from the countless health benefits, a Lymphatic Massage can beautify as well as bolster your body’s immune system…Learn More.


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Hot Stone Massage

Try our hot stone massage and experience the timeless pleasure and relaxation from the soothing touch of our massage therapists in conjunction with water-heated stones to enjoy a massage experience unlike any other.


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Deep Tissue Massage

Looking for deep healing? Try our deep tissue massage and let our massage therapists dig deep so you can get the relaxation and rejuvenation you rightfully deserve.


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Prenatal Massage

A perfect option for expectant mothers, prenatal massage therapy is a soothing and stress-reducing way to unwind and promote holistic wellness during pregnancy. Studies show that prenatal massage therapy can reduce pain, lower stress, and promotes pregnancy outcomes with fewer complications.


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Contouring Massage

Our non-invasive contouring massage combines the benefits of a lymphatic massage, myofascial massage, and physical therapy, all in one rejuvenating and relaxing treatment. This massage will support the break-down of cellulite and other bodily toxins, all while allowing you to unwind and decompress as our massage therapists apply their magical touch…Learn More.


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Madero Massage

Our Madero massage treatment is an ultra-unique choice that utilizes wooden tools to break down fat deposits and smooth away cellulite. It’s all-natural, non-invasive, and supports the elimination of bodily toxins, much like our lymphatic massage…Learn More.


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Swedish Massage

Our Swedish massage specialists deliver a varied and multi-rhythmic massage experience that incorporates soft, kneading applications to firmer, staccato-like strokes, resulting in an invigorating yet soothing session. Whether you’re looking to escape reality for an hour or are trying to heal from an injury, a Swedish massage is as versatile as it is mesmerizing.


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Aromatherapy Massage

Pair the exhilaration of essential oils with the magical touch of our massage therapists to deliver a one-of-a-kind massage experience. A prime choice for anxiety relief and relaxation, come experience the magic of an aromatherapy massage for yourself at our Coral Gables location.


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Combo (LUXE) Massage

Our Combo (LUXE) Massage combines the precision and versatility of a Swedish Massage with the penetrating and powerful touch of our Deep Tissue Massage. Feel the power of this one-of-a-kind massage treatment at our Coral Gables location today.


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With a DermaClinic Gables Massage, you can enjoy the following:

Unparalleled Precision

No matter your desired massage experience, our massage therapists can adapt to your unique requests and deliver soothing, healing touch with pinpoint accuracy.

Ultra-Premium Experience

Regardless of your desired massage treatment, enjoy the soothing touch of our massage therapists in an ultra-premium setting. Get the world-class treatment you deserve, available locally in Coral Gables.

Vast Selection of Experiences

You choose your massage experience, from lymphatic drainage massages, to sports massages, and more, our staff of massage therapists can accommodate virtually any request.

The Ultimate Massage Experience Starts at DermaClinic Gables

Ready to experience the very best massage you’ve ever had? It starts with a phone call. To request an appointment or learn more about our premium massage services, call us at 786-210-4234 or click here to book your first appointment.

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