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Why Men Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

We know that men (and perhaps the women who love them) are having a love affair with beards right now. Men with beards are definitely trending, and they’re almost everywhere you look! However, there’s not much love for the hair on several other parts of a man’s body, which is why they like to get it removed. Men now know that they have excellent options when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Shaving, waxing, and trimming aside – have you tried laser hair removal? We specialize in laser hair removal for men and women.

Laser Hair Removal Works!

You may have seen this familiar shot used in movies: a man who’s having his back waxed screams out in agony during the process. OUCH! We don’t consider waxing, especially a large area, a fun time. And while there’s much less pain with shaving (unless you nick yourself, of course), shaving can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs. Enter the best way for men to get rid of unwanted hair: laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal, you ask? Laser hair removal involves using a concentrated beam of light to penetrate hair follicles. That light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, damaging the hair follicles enough to inhibit future hair growth. Depending on the area being targeted, it normally takes 4 to 6 treatments to be effective. Here’s something else exciting to share – you can use laser hair removal on several parts of the body. The most commonly requested areas men want hair removed include around the ears, the back, back of the neck, genital area, stomach, shoulders, and the eyebrows (unibrow). Being able to target hair in some hard-to-get-to areas is just one of the many benefits of laser hair removal. Here are some more that will have you making an appointment with us, in no time!

  • Reduces hair growth & results are long-lasting.
  • You’ll have smoother skin.
  • You’ll be able to show off more muscle definition.
  • You won’t have to worry about irritated skin and ingrown hairs.
  • Will boost your self-confidence.
  • Saves you time and money.

Does your handsome, bearded guy need a shape-up? Laser hair removal treatment can do that too.

We Offer the Best Laser Hair Removal in Coral Gables

As you can see, there are different reasons why men should consider laser hair removal, and DermaClinic is the best laser hair removal center in Coral Gables to suit your needs. We use the painless Soprano XL technology, which is the gold standard in laser hair removal. Soprano XL’s energy penetrates deep into the dermis (where the hair follicle is located), preventing hair from ever growing back in many cases.

Contact us at (786) 210-4234 so we can schedule an appointment to meet you. We’ll discuss how our innovative, state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment technology can make your life just a little easier, and help put you in the smooth lane with smooth skin.

PRP Facial Treatment

Here at DermaClinic medspa in Coral Gables,  we’re familiar with the many amazing benefits of getting a facial and the role facials play in anti-aging or helping to boost one’s confidence. There are different types of facials to choose on the market today – targeting specific needs and goals.  But are you familiar with one of the hottest new facials – the “vampire facial”? It’s a fan favorite among celebrities, including Bar Refaeli and Keira Maguire. There are a number of reasons why celebrities are opting for Vampire Facials.

What Is a Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial is also known as the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, and uses a sample of your own blood. During the procedure, blood is drawn from you and is then injected into your face to trigger new collagen, break up existing scar tissue and make the skin look and feel brighter, smoother, tighter and more youthful. By stimulating collagen and elastin growth, PRP has been shown to kick the healing process into overdrive for optimal results.

The Benefits of a Vampire Facial

PRP encourages growth factors that are essential for new cell generation and functions, such as creating new collagen and strengthening elastins, and are extremely beneficial to the skin. Microneedling allows for deep penetration of the growth factors and improves the results of the treatment significantly. This procedure is appropriate for those patients looking to:

  • Reduce pore size
  • Soften acne scars
  • Improve fine lines/wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture/under eye bags

Impressive Results

Patients are impressed with the results from.  The vampire facial is an effective treatment for acne or surgical scars because it breaks up scar tissue and stimulates healing. The procedure is safe for all skin types.

We Offer Several Treatments and Services to Help You Look and Feel Better

We would love to talk to you in person about the vampire facial to see if you would make a good candidate for the procedure. Here at DermaClinic, in addition to the vampire facial, we offer a wide range of treatments and servicesfacials, chemical peels, body contouring, microdermabrasion, cellulite reduction, and more. We help anyone looking to improve their vitality, inside and out.

Our services are designed to help you, our patients, look better and feel better. You’ll be in great hands: our experienced, licensed, and compassionate aestheticians undergo strict and constant academic training, in the aesthetic field. You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get, here at DermaClinic. Come in and discover why celebrities visit us.

Book Your Appointment

Call DermaClinic in Coral Gables at (786) 210-4234 to make an appointment and learn more about why celebrities are opting for vampire facials. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our promotions page, filled with gift ideas.

Using Laser Treatment to Turn Back the Hands of Time

Signs of aging can show up nearly anyplace on the body, from the face to the arms and legs, and in nearly any form, even impacting our vaginal health. If you want to fight the signs of aging, we’re here for you. Our amazing, versatile, non-invasive laser treatments can help turn back the hands of time for a more youthful appearance.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Laser treatments are an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin. We use Alma Lasers, which combine light and laser technology, to improve lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, chest, and hands. It also targets various skin conditions including age spots, dark spots, freckles, sun damage, and more. Downtime, recovery time, and the results might vary, depending on the treatment and body area.

Laser Treatments for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

One of the earliest and most prominent signs of aging is facial wrinkles, and laser skin resurfacing is a popular method to target them.  Our laser resurfacing treatments help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, and other skin irregularities, including acne scars or blemishes.

Laser Treatments for Age Spots & Sun Spots

Laser treatments work wonders on the removal of age spots, which are also referred to as brown spots, sun spots, or liver spots.  They’re commonly found on the face, hands, or arms. The culprits that cause them include sun exposure and certain medications. Genetics also play a role.

Laser Treatments for Cellulite

You may have never thought about using laser treatments for cellulite, but now you should.  It’s one of the best treatments for cellulite and body contouring. Many women, no matter their size, use lasers to target those unattractive, unwanted fat deposits that give their skin a dimpling effect. Cellulite affects about 90 percent of women, and it worsens with age. The most common areas for cellulite are the thighs, buttocks, arms, hips, and abdomen.

Laser Treatments for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Aging and going into menopause, mostly brought on by the loss of estrogen, can also affect the vagina. This can cause a variety of physical changes in the vulva, vagina, and lower urinary tract. The lining of the vagina and the clitoris can actually shrink, and the lips of the vagina begin to lose elasticity.  All of this can lead to vaginal dryness, burning, irritation, lack of lubrication, painful intercourse, as well as recurrent urinary infection. Changes can also occur after giving birth. Our Vaginal Health and Rejuvenation Laser Treatment can help address all of these concerns.

Laser Treatments for Teeth Whitening

Many factors cause our teeth to turn yellow, including coffee, wine, soda, cigarettes, and certain foods, such as dark-colored vegetables and fruits. Aging can also cause discoloration. Professional teeth whitening will give you visible results immediately. Try our teeth whitening treatment to help you start smiling with confidence.

Try Our Anti-Aging Laser Treatments

DermaClinic is the best medspa in Coral Gables. Call us at (786) 210-4234 or email us, so we can schedule an appointment to meet you and discuss how our laser treatments can help you regain your youthful look. Let’s chat about all of your skincare needs and aesthetic goals. We look forward to helping you glow, again!

The New Face of Aging with Facial Fillers in Coral Gables

There’s a reason – or we should say – several reasons why facial fillers or dermal fillers are so wildly popular. First and foremost- they work, and on so many levels! You may know someone who appears to be getting younger. They haven’t told you what they’ve been doing. But we’re spilling one of their secrets: they’re getting facial fillers, which can also help you regain your youthful appearance.

Prominent Signs of Aging

Our skin changes as we age.  We lose collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which are found naturally in the body and help keep our skin supple. The skin becomes drier, thinner, and less supple, especially around our mouths, and cheeks and lips. You’ll notice more facial lines such as smile lines and Crow’s feet. You’ll see more wrinkles. Your face is beginning to lose volume.

Facial Fillers Work Magic

Consider a non-surgical facial filler, which is an injectable gel solution that goes right into the soft tissue, directly under the surface of the skin. It can instantly plump skin and smooth wrinkles. Different fillers target different facial concerns. They work wonders at reducing the appearance of facial creases, fine lines, and wrinkles, and can plump thin lips and enhance shallow contours. They can also help improve the appearance of recessed scars.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers

Some of the most common facial fillers contain hyaluronic acid. The more popular ones are Juvederm, and Restylane or Perlane.  The results last anywhere from six months to up to a year. However, the Juvederm Voluma XC, which adds volume to the cheeks can last up to two years. The treatments are quick – we’re talking about an hour. You may temporarily experience mild swelling, bruising, or redness, but the downtime after the treatment is minimal.

Plump Thin Lips

Facial fillers or dermal fillers work well for plumping thin lips, another sign of aging. Fuller lips are now a classic sign of youth and are one of our most requested treatments. It only takes about 30-minutes, with no downtime. The results can last between eight and 10 months.

Help for Your Sagging Jawline and Sunken Cheeks

Two of the most obvious areas that show aging are the jawline and cheeks. As we age, we lose volume, especially in our cheeks and jawline. A facial filler can help counteract sunken, droopy cheeks. It can also enhance facial contours, adding volume to your jawline.

Derma Fillers v/s Botox

Another popular set of injectables are Botox®, Dysport, or Xeomin, but they’re different from dermal fillers. They, too, are designed to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles, but they do so by blocking nerve impulses. Results with these injectables can last from 3 to 6 months.

Come and See Us

Dermaclinic is a premier Coral Gables medspa, and we offer all of the latest treatments and procedures that can help you enhance your beauty. We customize each treatment and ensure the highest quality is being met. Contact us today at (786) 210-4234 to ask about our rejuvenation treatments and get ready to reclaim your youthful look.

The Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments

Imagine – a versatile, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that does so much to enhance the skin.  We’re talking about amazing laser skin treatments. There are many factors that can wreak havoc on our skin, especially the face – everything from aging, sun exposure, environmental pollution, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, bad nutritional habits, medications, repetitive face movements, and even stress.  We could go on and on. Thankfully, laser skin care treatments can target these issues and rejuvenate your skin.

Versatile Laser Skin Care Treatments

Thanks to innovative technology, which continues to evolve, we can treat various skin issues, while protecting the skin, with lasers or concentrated beams of light. The minimally-invasive

treatments There are various types of laser treatments – target specific skin conditions. For example,Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works beautifully for treating age spots. We use only the best laser treatments at DermaClinic – we’re talking state-of-the-art equipment.  Alma Lasers combine light and laser technology, to improve lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, chest, and hands. It also targets various skin conditions. Laser skin resurfacing is one of our specialties.

Signs of Aging & Skin Irregularities

As we age, our face is one of the first places it shows. The loss of collagen and elastin can lead to sagging skin, along with fine lines and wrinkles. You can take steps to reduce premature skin aging, but sometimes- even with the best efforts, you may still want to take corrective measures. Laser treatments are an excellent vehicle to help improve the skin. Other factors can lead to skin irregularities such as sun damage, blemishes, acne scars, and pigmentations issues -age spots, sun spots, brown spots, freckles, and more.

Laser Treatments Address Many Skincare Needs

There are several types of lasers on the market, targeting many specific skin concerns, and that’s one of the reasons laser treatments are so popular. Plus, of course, they work! Downtime, recovery time and the results vary, depending on the treatment and treatment area. And no one can deny the many benefits of laser treatments to repair damaged skin and help you get a more youthful appearance.

Lasers Can Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Many people look for ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without having to go under the knife. The popular non-surgical laser treatments will definitely help you fight the signs of aging. Lasers or light energy target damaged skin cells and help regenerate your skin.

Lasers Can Treat Blemishes & Acne Scars

Hormonal issues and other factors can cause blemishes and clogged pores. Laser treatments work quickly to target these skin irregularities. They can also reduce the size of enlarged pores and address acne scars.

Lasers Tighten the Skin

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to tighten the skin, you’ve found it. Laser treatments can do that and encourage collagen production. In the process, the laser heats the collagen, in the dermis- just under the skin’s surface. This causes the skin to contract or tighten. Lasers also help with elastin production. There’s little or no downtime.

Lasers Treat Brown Spots, Sun Spots & Other Pigmentation Issues

We know that the sun’s rays can be very damaging to our skin. Sun damage can cause our skin to age prematurely, but it can also cause pigmentation issues – sun spots, brown spots, age spots, and redness, for example. Laser treatments are one of the best ways to address these pigmentation issues and others.

See Us for All of Your Skincare Needs

Yes- we offer the best laser treatments in Coral Gables, but we also offer a wide range of treatments and services, including, of course, hair laser removal treatments. When you’re looking to improve your skin and get a more youthful look, call us at (786) 210-4234 or email us, and make an appointment with the skincare specialists. We look forward to helping you enhance your beauty.