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Four At-Home Skin Care Steps to Smooth & Clear Skin

From an aesthetic perspective, glowing skin is probably the most impactful feature in your physical appearance. But the ravages of time, sun, wind, heredity, and illness cause the skin to lose its natural radiance. 

While you can continue to delay the aging of your skin with a regular medical spa skin protection regimen, you should also take daily skin care steps at home. 

When you combine your professional medspa beauty facials with a commitment to follow home remedies and clear skin steps, the results can be spectacular. Here are some of the time-tested skin care routine steps that you can perform at home: 



The active ingredient in the mint plant is menthol, which is known for its natural cleansing, cooling effect. If you are concerned about pimples and blemishes on your face, you should apply fresh mint juice each night. 

skin care routine stepsTo prepare a soothing mint pack at home for overall clear skin, create a paste of mint leaves and add some lemon juice to it. Apply this paste gently all over your body, and leave it until the paste has dried. Rinse with warm water. 

Don’t forget the medicinal properties of mint when you need simple skin care steps to treat an allergy flare-up. Apply a mint-based face pack once a week to treat scabies, eczema, insect bites, and other skin infections. 



Turmeric is known for its natural antiseptic properties, but few people know that it can also do wonders for your skin. You can use it to lighten mild skin pigmentation and blemishes. If you are bothered by the appearance of dark circles, apply a paste of turmeric powder mixed with natural pineapple juice.  

Another benefit of turmeric powder is that when combined with sandalwood powder, the resulting mixture can rejuvenate dry and parched skin. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, mix turmeric powder with five teaspoons of sugarcane juice and apply every night. Turmeric can be an important element in your daily skin care steps at home. 



Among natural skin care ingredients, walnuts occupy a prime place. When you use finely ground walnut powder mixed with plain yogurt on your face, it will gently exfoliate the dead skin tissue and eliminate impurities that are not possible to remove with an ordinary cleanser. 

As part of your skin care routine steps, follow this preparation: Mix two teaspoons of finely ground walnuts with two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Wet your face with warm water and gently work this natural scrub into your skin. Do not let the scrub go into your eyes. Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes. 

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Rice Flour 


To counter the effect of fine lines, pigmentation and age spots, apply a mix of rice flour and plain full-fat yogurt. Just one tablespoon of rice flour mixed with two tablespoons of yogurt will create an excellent skin cleansing milk. Some people also add a few drops of pure honey into this mix for more effective results. 



Cucumber’s natural astringent, skin nourishing, and hydrating properties are well-known in the cosmetics industry. Cucumber’s pH is the same as that of your skin, which helps to restore the natural acidic balance of the skin. Using cucumber slices or in grated form over the face will soothe skin eruptions, and regular use over time will prevent dry skin, wrinkles, blackheads, and acne.

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