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Fight Winter Dryness With an Exfoliation Hydration Facial Treatment

While Florida’s pseudo-winter months dip a little in temperature, the most noticeable change is the decline in humidity. That is the time when you should sign up for a facial that will keep your face fresh and hydrated even when the humidity goes down. 

A hydrating facial treatment in Coral Gables could be your best solution to combat dry, flaky, and coarse skin during the winter. 

Hydration and exfoliation are vital to maintaining the health of your skin, particularly when your skin suffers from natural loss of moisture in low humidity weather conditions. 

With an exfoliation and hydration facial, you can achieve hydration in the deeper skin layers, exfoliate damaged outer skin, and accelerate cellular regeneration. You can get the maximum benefits of a monthly facial during the winter season in Florida.  

How Does the Exfoliation Hydration Facial Work? 


When your skin becomes dry and develops a crepe-like texture, it will not only make your face appear rough and flaky, but also make the natural skin flaws more conspicuous. The age spots, fine lines, pigmentation, and large pores may appear aggravated due to skin dryness.  

Fight Winter Dryness With an Exfoliation Hydration Facial TreatmentAn exfoliation hydration facial will work in a two-pronged manner to rejuvenate your skin. At first, it will exfoliate the skin to promote the migration of new cells to the top skin layers. The exfoliating elements, which could also include an alpha-hydroxy acid solution, will speed up the development of new cells, rebuilding of the healthy and supple skin structure, and restoring a smoother texture and glow.  

The second aspect of this facial treatment is to add special hydrating serums and creams to deeply hydrate and protect the skin tissue. Any skin care products that you may use will penetrate deeper after this facial to produce better results. You can say goodbye to dry skin with this exfoliating hydration facial and restore your skin so it’s clear and radiant. 

Why Choose a Professional for Exfoliation Hydration? 


To achieve safe and desirable results with a hydrating facial treatment in Coral Gables, you should ideally choose a well-equipped medical spa with expertise in exfoliation hydration facials. While at-home skin care solutions matter, receiving professional facial treatment in low humidity months will work wonders for your dry skin. 

One of the key benefits of monthly facial is that you can continue to have healthy skin all-year-round. Results with a professional hydrating facial are immediate and more sustainable. These facials are designed to fight winter dryness from start to finish through the stimulation of self-regenerating and self-hydrating mechanisms.  

Dry skin can be stubborn, and a professional facial treatment can provide the right trigger to get your deeper skin tissue functioning properly. When the exfoliating and hydrating treatments are integrated into one facial, the results are synergistic and deep. 

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The facial will eliminate the dead skin cells from the outermost layer and soften the follicles and resistive skin to expel cellular debris, dirt, and toxins. After the facial treatment, you can continue to use at-home skin care products as recommended by your aesthetician for continued enriching results. 

We follow exfoliation with hydrating the skin and then adding hydrating serums and creams to protect the skin. This facial will also help your skin products to go on more smoothly and become more effective. This hydrating facial works wonders on the skin. Clear skin can truly be yours.

Deep and Sustainable Results at DermaClinic in Coral Gables 


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