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The Effectiveness of Laser Scar Removal

Many people who struggle with acne scars, surgical scars, or scars from injury are likely to ask this question from a skin care expert: can laser surgery remove scars? The good news is that laser therapy can indeed remove or reduce most types of scars, and in fact, it is not a surgery. 

Laser scar removal treatment is completely non-surgical and involves no cuts, incisions, needles, or medications. It can safely and effectively minimize the appearance of a facial scar and mitigate any itching or pain associated with it. Laser therapy can sometimes also be used to prevent conspicuous scar formation after surgery. 

Mild laser treatments for cosmetic scar reduction or removal are virtually free of any risk of post-procedure complications and can be safely performed in the dermatologist’s office. 

How Effective is Laser Scar Removal? 


Laser scar treatments will not eliminate a scar completely, particularly if it is an old or deep scar. However, these treatments are designed to make the scar look less noticeable. 

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A controlled laser beam will penetrate the top layers of the skin where the scar is present. The heat energy in the deeper skin layers will stimulate cellular regeneration to promote the growth of new, healthy skin. 

As the laser gently removes the damaged skin on the surface, it will pave the way for new skin to grow in its place. This process will allow the scar to fade away. Apart from providing the benefits of heat energy, the laser scar removal procedure triggers the self-healing mechanism of the body to repair the broken or damaged areas of the skin. 

The natural collagen generation process will occur in the deeper skin tissue, which will help to smooth the skin and volumize the face. This will rejuvenate the skin and fill the deeper scars to lessen their impact. The dermatologist may also use laser treatment to target blood vessels in the scar tissue in order to reduce their reddish appearance. 

Customized Laser Therapy for Scars 


Depending on the type, severity, and age of the scars, your med spa specialist will provide the appropriate laser treatment with the specific wavelength of light to match your needs. 

With the right laser therapy, not only the appearance of the scar and the associated discomfort can be significantly reduced, but also the skin’s range of motion around the scar will improve to create a smoother, more natural skin appearance. 

A skin care expert will carefully evaluate the scar before creating a customized laser treatment plan and choosing the right type of laser. They will also take into account the patient’s personal cosmetic goals and their willingness to a more or less invasive laser procedure. 

how effective is laser scar removalTypes of Scars that can be Treated with Lasers 


Scar removal with laser can be performed by treating both superficial and deeper scars. But in the case of deep scars, more intensive laser therapy will be required with considerable time for post-op recovery. Your medical spa treatment provider may recommend laser therapy for the following types of scars:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Injury scars
  • Burn scars

Depending on the skin condition and the patient’s goals, an experienced dermatologist may recommend laser scar removal treatment in combination with other non-surgical treatments such as dermal filler injections.

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