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For hundreds of years, mankind has been on a quest to find the fountain of youth. Our obsession with wanting to look young forever is nothing new. And while the fountain of youth has yet to be found, biological science has helped us create the next best thing – cosmetic treatments. If you’re seeking advanced skin care treatments, such as facial Coral Gables that can get rid of all your skin issues and make it as flawless as humanly possible, your search ends here!

Skin Filler Coral Gables For Wrinkle Reduction

The majority of women depend on anti-aging creams to try to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Unfortunately, most of these creams and serums don’t work. And the handful that do take several months to achieve any noticeable results.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, can achieve the same result within a matter of minutes! Usually composed of hyaluronic acid, these skin filler Coral Gables injections are administered to your targeted problem areas like the forehead, corners of the mouth, crow’s feet, nose area, and more. 

Skin filler Coral Gables will fill out the injected area and diminish the fine lines and wrinkles. Results are instantaneous, sustainable, and natural looking.

Chemical Peels For Younger, Glowing Skin

There is a reason why chemical peels are considered the best facial Coral Gables solution for achieving flawless skin. Just imagine looking in the mirror and not seeing a single acne scar, whitehead, blackhead, bump, or blemish.

This treatment involves applying a chemical compound made of several acids and other ingredients evenly on the face and then washing it off. Over the course of the next few days, a chemical reaction starts occurring as the topmost layer of your skin slowly peels away. Once the old skin sheds, you are left with spotless, baby-soft skin that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of.

Laser Therapy For Discoloration Correction

If you have discolored skin patches or hyperpigmentation on certain areas of your body, it’s due to the overproduction of melanin in those areas. As frustrating as the problem can be, there is a simple solution that can return your skin to its natural color: laser therapy.

Modern laser therapy involves passing a colored laser at a particular wavelength over the affected area. The light that emanates from the laser engages with the melanin cells responsible for the discoloration and ruptures them. After the treatment, you’re left with normal pigmentation cells that allow your skin to achieve its natural, blemish-free complexion.

Botox For Tighter, Youthful Skin

Botox has been the go-to cosmetic procedure for celebrities and the masses alike when it comes to getting wrinkle-free skin. When used by a certified dermatologist, Botox injections block signals from the nerves to the muscles. These injected muscles temporarily relax, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re seeking a facial Coral Gables treatment to lift and tighten the skin around your eyes, forehead, or lips, Botox can give you natural results.

Enhance Your Beauty & Self-Esteem With Our Facial Coral Gables Treatments

These are just a few cosmetic procedures that are designed to boost your confidence and make your skin shine like a diamond. At DermaClinic in Coral Gables, we have dozens of different treatment options that you can explore. Call us at 786-789-1253 today or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

3 Best Anti-Aging Fillers You Can Find at DermaClinic 1200X628

We all want to look and feel a little younger than our age, but no one wants to look unnatural.  However, with surgical anti-aging treatments, we are always at risk of looking like we had cosmetic work done. Which is why non-surgical anti-aging facial injectables exist in order to make the skin not appear cut or pulled tight. It’s smoothed, plumped, or volumized incrementally with small, imperceptible alterations, giving you a naturally youthful look.

Thankfully, we have an array of non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, Kybella, and Botox in Coral Gables. While these injections are as effective as more invasive facial rejuvenation alternatives, they’re also much safer, affordable, and more convenient, requiring little to zero recovery time or aftercare. Dermal fillers, usually used for restoring lost facial volume, are the most sought-after non-invasive anti-aging treatments, next to Botox in Coral Gables

Today, with medical aestheticians becoming more sophisticated and innovative in their methods, filler treatments are more diverse and specialized. At DermaClinic, we offer the best of them. 

Let’s have a look at the top 3 fillers you can find at our Coral Gables Medspa.

Juvederm Volbella

3 Best Anti-Aging Fillers You Can Find at DermaClinic 600x600 2Whether it is tired-looking eyes or deep under-eye hollows, signs of aging around the eye area can make us look older than we actually are. Juvederm Volbella, a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment made from hyaluronic acid, can effectively restore the lost volume beneath the eyes. It can also diminish the appearance of “smoker’s lines” around the mouth.

Juvederm at our Coral Gables Medspa takes only 30 minutes to apply. The results can last for about nine months to a year.

Radiesse Dermal Filler

Made from calcium hydroxyapatite (a biocompatible natural mineral found in our teeth and bones), Radiesse dermal filler is used to target moderate to severe fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. It’s thicker and more sustainable than other popular dermal fillers, making it an excellent choice for smoothing deep creases and folds in the cheeks, mouth, and chin area.

Radiesse can also enhance the appearance of the back of the hands, where the skin thins and loses fats as we age. Besides adding volume under the skin, it also triggers natural collagen production, further diminishing the signs of aging. For one Radiesse injection session, you only need to spare 15 minutes of your time. However, you can enjoy the results for up to 24 months.

Sculptra Cosmetic Filler

3 Best Anti-Aging Fillers You Can Find at DermaClinic 600x600 1Sculptra cosmetic filler, made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, is an FDA-approved injectable. It works bystimulating natural collagen production, gradually replacing the collagen your body lost due to the natural aging process. Thus Sculptra shapes and lifts your face by restoring natural facial volume. 

As the body takes time to produce collagen, Complete Sculptra results will develop in 4-6 months, but they last up to two years or more. So, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Get Radiesse, Sculptra, and Juvederm at DermaClinic

Are you ready to get visibly younger looking skin? Roll back the clock on your face with FDA approved filler injectables, such as Radiesse, Sculptra, and Juvederm in Coral Gables. 

At DermaClinic, you are in the capable hands of highly skilled and dedicated aesthetic professionals who will help you choose the best treatment based on your skin care needs, anatomy, and lifestyle. For an expert consultation, schedule an appointment HERE or call us at 786-224-7126.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

When Kim Kardashian first posted pictures of her getting a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy facial, aka Vampire Facial, the beauty world went mad. As more and more celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Bar Refaeli followed suit, many men and women also started asking their dermatologists about the procedure. 

If you are also wondering about the PRP treatments Coral Gables and whether to get one or not, this post is for you.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy? 


Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyThere is a reason why so many models and celebrities swear by the PRP therapy to achieve their unblemished and flawless skin.

During this procedure, a skin specialist injects platelet-rich plasma into the various parts of the face that have become dry and damaged over time.

The treatment stimulates the growth of healthier and newer cells while healing aging, damaged skin tissue. As a result, the facial skin appears younger and fresher almost instantly. PRP facial is one of the best ways to turn back the hand of time on your face for several reasons:

It heals damaged skin and encourages new cell production

Over time, our facial skin becomes worn out and wrinkly. This happens because the skin tissue gets exposed to so many factors like pollution, stress, and UV rays from the sun. Your face can start to look beat up and thinned out due to this.

PRP facial can reverse this issue with incredible effectiveness. This therapy relies on platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the face and forces your body to grow ne and healthy cells.

When the PRP is injected both into and around your facial skin, it jump starts the cell rejuvenation and healing process. Once the procedure is complete and your skin has recovered, you will see fresh, younger, and brighter skin that will last for months.

And since the specialist will use platelet cells taken from your own body, the treatment is very safe and efficient as well.

It activates your body’s natural process of renewal

When a dermatologist performs PRP facial, they use your own blood to obtain the maximum growth factors. For many years, scientists and medical professionals have used these growth factors to heal damaged tissue after surgery.

This is why PRP therapy is considered so safe. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

During the process, your aesthetician will extract about two teaspoons of your blood and put it into a centrifuge device. This device will extract platelet-rich plasma from the blood, which they will then inject into your face. 

By activating your blood this way, the PRP becomes a wholesome concentration of the most potent blood components. Fewer facials can compare to PRP treatments for this reason.

It will give you smoother and younger complexion

PRP facials target the crinkling skin around the neck, jawline, cheeks, and eyes. Once the blood has been injected into these areas, the damaged skin tissue in these areas start healing almost instantly.

Since the tissue growth factors are more potent and concentrated in the injections, your body is tricked into healing faster. Whether you are suffering from age spots, fine lines, crow’s feet, or any other issue, a PRP facial can help restore your skin’s naturally flawless appearance.

Book Your PRP Facial at Our Coral Gables Medical Spa


At DermaClinic in Coral Gables, we have been successfully using PRP therapy for facial rejuvenation in men and women who want younger-looking skin.  If you’d like to book a free consultation or you have any questions about this treatment, call us at 786-210-4234 today or write to us online.

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As the weather gets cooler, you expand your wardrobe to include warmer pieces of clothing – why not take the same approach to your skin care regimen?

Facials are the extra layer of moisture and protection that you need to shield your skin from the harsh cold weather. And don’t get us wrong: DIY face masks can be effective when used correctly. But there are certain results you simply cannot achieve without bringing in the big guns, i.e., the professionals.

For starters, a professional facial performed in a state-of-the-art spa is going to be way more potent than the at-home facial treatments. Secondly, a professional will analyze your skin and determine exactly what it needs to stay hydrated, healthy, and glowing.

Unless you have spent years studying cosmetology and acquired experience in it, you don’t have the knowledge or tools to create and customize effective facial treatments for yourself.

Why You Need a Facial This Fall


If you are considering treating yourself to a luxurious and relaxing facial to prep your skin for the upcoming fall, we have some recommendations for you.

Chemical Peel


facial treatmentsDuring a chemical peel treatment, a chemical solution is applied to your skin to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production for baby-soft and brighter skin. This also accelerates cell turnover, making you look visibly younger.

There are three strengths of the chemical peel – deep, medium, and superficial. Depending on your skin issues, these peels can address several concerns, like removing fine lines and wrinkles, and reversing hyperpigmentation.

Fall is a really good time to get a chemical peel facial treatment because you are less susceptible to complications that come with too much sun exposure during the post-facial healing process.

One session is usually 45-60 minutes long and it is almost painless. The duration will also depend on the state of your complexion before the peel and the strength of the treatment. You will start to see flaking and peeling of the skin in the days after but it’s perfectly normal.



This procedure removes the upper layers of skin using a crystal- or diamond-tipped device.Microdermabrasion accelerates cell turnover by physically exfoliating the upper layers of skin. As a result, you are left with smooth and even-toned skin and any wrinkles and fine lines become a thing of the past.

facial treatmentsThe best thing about microdermabrasion is it can be customized to your skin’s needs, regardless of your skin type. Whether you want to revitalize your complexion or reverse the sun damage, one session of microdermabrasion can work wonders for you.

Fall is the best time for this facial treatment because your skin becomes dry and damaged over the summers. By removing the outmost layers of your skin, you will have brand-new and shiny skin to show off as the cold weather gets here.

One session generally takes 30-60 minutes, depending on if it’s done by itself or as an add-on. Many of our clients at Coral Gables Medical Spa choose this as an extra step to be included in their regular facial treatments.

There is no downtime to microdermabrasion; you’ll be able to wear make-up on the same day. In fact, with noticeably smoother and softer skin, your makeup will go flawlessly and last much longer.

Laser Facial Treatments


Laser treatments are incredibly effective in targeting any problem area you wish to have removed: unwanted hair, scars, acne, age spots, and pigmentation.

During the session, short and concentrated beams of pulsating light are used to treat the skin. If you want to see drastic results in one sitting, laser treatment might be the best option.

And since you’ll need to avoid exposure to UV rays after the session, fall is one of the best times to get it. One session is usually 60-minutes long and the downtime can be anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

Flawless Skin Needs Professional Care


Tired of applying DIY home masks and lathering yourself in essential oils without much to show for it? Why not get a professional facial that’s customized to your skin’s needs and lifestyle?

Schedule an appointment with DermaClinic, a leading Coral Gables medical spa, and see your skin transform before your eyes. Call us 786-210-4234 today or write to us online to set up a consultation.


Dermal fillers, commonly known as facial fillers, can work all sorts of magic: smooth fine lines, erase under-eye circles, enhance your cheekbones, lift your eyebrows, and plump thinning lips. The end result is a visibly rejuvenated and younger appearance. 

As fall is coming closer, you probably want to get rid of all the sun damage your skin suffered over the summer. One of the most effective ways to achieve that is by taking injectables or fillers that can be done in less than an hour with little to no downtime.

Before we begin, please note that fillers are different from other injectables like Xeomin, Dysport, or Botox. While the latter can even out wrinkles, they cannot enhance or plump an area.

Now that we have covered that, let’s talk about the 3 best fillers to choose from this year.

Juvederm Treatments


injectablesJuvederm is perhaps the most well-known collection of fillers that are designed to be used on different parts of the face.

For example, Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC can plump up your lips and soften those annoying vertical lines on the lips.

But if you want to add back youthful contours to your cheeks, Juvederm Voluma XC is the best option for that. 

The main ingredient in Juvederm treatments is hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally found in the body and gives your skin the necessary elasticity, volume, and moisture. As you grow older, your skin loses its HA reserves and becomes wrinkly and loose.

Juvederm injectables act like a sponge that attracts water back into the skin. This plumps up the area in which the filler was injected, giving you an instantly smoother appearance.

Depending on which Juvederm treatment you’ve chosen, the effects can last anywhere from six months to 18 months.

Sculptra Aesthetic


Sculptra AestheticSculptra was originally created for patients suffering from immunodeficiency virus, who had lost the fat in their faces. It was used to improve their appearances and giving them their youthful, healthy glow back.

But then Sculptra was approved for cosmetic purposes in people who wanted to enhance their cheeks and fill in the sunken/hollow areas of the face. Another benefit of Sculptra is, it increases sin thickness to reduce the fine lines, smile lines, and folds around the cheek and nose area.

But Sculptra cannot be used around the eyes or on lips.

The poly-L-lactic acid present in Sculptra encourages the creation of new collagen. That’s why it takes multiple treatments for results to become obvious. The sessions are 4-6 weeks apart. The number of sessions you need will depend on the extent of aging on your face.

The effects of Sculptra can last up to 2 years after your first session is completed.



If your face has developed facial creases, like nasolabial folds, Radiesse might be the best option for you. It can plump up your cheeks and other contours on your face – except the lips.

Calcium hydroxylapatite is the main component of Radiesse, and it is naturally found in human bones and teeth. The tiny calcium particles used in a Radiesse treatment are suspended in a thick gel-like serum.

This treatment helps your skin replenish its lost volume, but as time passes, your body metabolizes the calcium and the gel is completely absorbed. But still, the results typically last a year or more.

Turn Back the Hands of Time on Your Skin


At DermaClinic in Coral Gables, we offer a variety of med spa treatments and fillers that can give you a luminous and flawless complexion in less than an hour! Call us at 786-210-4234 today or contact us online to schedule an appointment.