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Cleanse and Refresh Your Face With a Deep Cleansing Facial

Your skin faces the daily onslaught of sun, wind, pollutants and harmful bacteria, which can give rise to numerous skin concerns, including acne, blemishes, enlarged pores, and rosacea. It is best to choose a monthly professional facial treatment at a qualified med spa to ensure your skin remains clear and refreshed. 

What is a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment?  


A deep cleansing facial treatment in Coral Gables could be the right option to meet your regular skin care goals. Also known as a deep pore cleansing facial or an exfoliating treatment, this facial could involve multiple processes, including cleaning, steaming, extractions, and a facial mask and facial massage. 

A deep cleansing facial is aimed at effectively removing cellular debris, dirt, and impurities, as well as excess oil without causing your skin to become dry. The facial will not only exfoliate and refresh the skin, but also hydrate it to fight blemishes and acne breakouts, resulting in clear skin. 

Advantages for Your Skin 


facial treatment in coral gablesDeep cleansing facial treatments in Coral Gables will work wonders on your skin, whether it is oily or non-oily type skin. It will eliminate the harmful bacteria that may be causing acne, and also create a clear base for skin care products to penetrate into the deeper tissue for optimal results. 

If you have minor wrinkles or fine lines, their appearance may fade away, creating a more youthful face. For many people, a deep cleansing facial also serves as a serene, stress-relieving treatment experience that rejuvenates not just their skin but also improves their self-image and confidence. 

Treating Mild Acne and Blemishes 


Deep cleansing facials are also commonly called acne facials because it works well on the acneic skin, and can help to treat mild acne, minor comedonal breakouts, and blemishes. If you have an uneven complexion, you can expect a smoother skin tone over time if you receive these facials at regular intervals.  

Deep cleansing facial treatments in Coral Gables are popular among both women and men because of their acne-treating properties. Your med spa facial expert may incorporate a custom combination of deep cleansing, steaming, and facial extractions to get rid of sebum that may be clogging the pores

To fight the acne flare-ups, your provider may sometimes recommend a glycolic or salicylic acid treatment along with the deep cleansing facial. Depending on your acne condition, you may need more than one facial treatment. 

A series of custom acne/deep-cleansing facials combined with at-home skin care can often yield ideal outcomes. Regular facials, as recommended by your med spa expert, may also assist in preventing future acne breakouts. 

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Moisturizer and Sun Protection 


Following a deep cleansing facial, your provider will apply moisturizer and sunscreen. They may use a special moisturizer for acne-prone skin to ensure that your pores will not become clogged, and you will not have an excessively oily feel following treatment. 

The exfoliation that occurs during this facial will temporarily make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, it is vital to use sun protection after the treatment as directed by your med spa facial specialist.

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