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Botox 101: What is Botox And Why Get It?

Botox is now more popular than ever before, so much so that almost 7.5 million Americans got Botox treatment in 2018. The number has been growing with each passing year and for good reasons. With today’s hectic lifestyle — pollutants in the environment and sun exposure — people are developing fine lines and wrinkles well before ...
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Top 6 Reasons to Alter Your Beauty Routine For The Holiday Season

With every new season, change comes into our lives. We alter our wardrobes, activities, as well as morning and night routines. Just like everything else, our beauty routine needs to change too in accordance with the seasons. This is particularly true for the holiday season when we are too busy decorating the home, meeting friends ...
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5 Best Medspa Treatments to Stave Off Father Time

Your daily beauty regimen is essential for keeping your skin healthy and vitalized. However, it’s not enough to prevent or slow down the onset of facial signs of aging, especially when you enter your mid-20s and 30s. In many cases, unfortunately, the skin ages prematurely as a result of neglect down the line, so it’s ...
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How to Prevent Dry Skin During The Holiday Season

The holiday season and dry skin go hand in hand. During the winter months, the air outside becomes cold and dry while the indoor heating systems dry out the air in our living spaces. Unfortunately, we can’t give up the warmth or prevent the cold wind from hitting our faces, especially in the holiday season ...
Top 4 Anti-Aging Solutions a Coral Gables Medspa Can Provide 1200X628

Top 4 Anti-Aging Solutions a Coral Gables Medspa Can Provide

Aging’s effects are ultimately going to catch up with you sooner or later. While some of us can age gracefully, we don’t necessarily have to expose our obvious signs of aging. Thanks to the emergence of groundbreaking cosmetic anti-aging solutions, having youthful skin is now easier than ever. Whether it is young adults beginning to ...
3 Best Anti-Aging Fillers You Can Find at DermaClinic 1200X628

Three Best Anti-Aging Fillers You Can Find at DermaClinic

We all want to look and feel a little younger than our age, but no one wants to look unnatural.  However, with surgical anti-aging treatments, we are always at risk of looking like we had cosmetic work done. Which is why non-surgical anti-aging facial injectables exist in order to make the skin not appear cut ...