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HydraFacial Could Be the Secret to a Glowing Summer Complexion

Are you ready for summer but your skin isn’t? Are you looking to have a dewy complexion to make you feel vibrant all spring long? Well, HydraFacial may be the treatment for you. With no downtime required and instant results, this facial will have you feeling fabulous in no time. Learn more about the benefits ...
oxygen facial

Want Skin Like a Celebrity? Try an Oxygen Facial

Most people want to have flawless skin like celebrities. But, few have access to expensive Hollywood skincare professionals. If you want to have a smoother, healthy-looking complexion, you may want to try an oxygen facial. They are rapidly becoming more popular as stars rave about how they help achieve a radiant glow. It doesn’t hurt ...
teeth whitening

Having Whiter Teeth Can Boost Your Social Media Posts

One way of having a great picture for your social media platform is flashing your big pearly whites. If you’re not happy with your smile because your teeth are not sparkling nor are they pearly white like how you want them to. You are not alone according to a  study 90% of orthodontic patients requested ...
laser skin rejuvenation

How to Have Amazing Skin in Your 40s with Laser Skin Rejuvenation

It’s an inevitable fact of life – your skin changes with age. The things you did for amazing skin in your teens and 20s probably won’t keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful today. To keep your skin looking and feeling its best, you’ll need to change how you care for it. How Aging Affects ...

Minimize Skin Pigmentation Issues with a Microneedling Facial

Do you struggle with skin pigmentation issues? Do you have patches of skin that appear darker than the surrounding skin? It’s a skin condition called hyperpigmentation. It can be caused by various reasons including hormonal changes, sun exposure, acne, tattoos, medication or aging. Hyperpigmentation occurs when your body produces an uneven amount of melanin throughout ...
is laser hair removal worth it

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

You have tried everything from shaving, waxing, and tweezing your unwanted hair and nothing seems to help. The hair keeps growing back. Your hair is just doing what comes naturally in its growth cycle. At any given time, each strand of your hair may be in one of the phases of growth. One way to ...