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chemical peel

Fed Up With Aging Skin? Consider Peeling it Away

Chemical peels rank among the most popular and effective medical spa procedures to rejuvenate your skin. The chemical face peel treatment involves the use of an acidic solution to gently remove the uppermost skin layers that contain dead or damaged skin cells, harmful bacteria, and other debris.  When this top layer is removed with a ...
How Often Should You Get a Facial?: What You Need To Know

How Often Should You Get a Facial?: What You Need To Know

While facials at a qualified med spa should be an integral part of your skin care management, how often should you get a facial will depend on a number of factors.  A dedicated treatment provider will evaluate your age, skin condition, environmental exposure, personal cosmetic goals, and your commitment to post-treatment sun protection and aftercare ...
intimate bleaching

How Does Intimate Bleaching Work?

Women like to work hard on their figures in order to attain an attractive beach body. It feels wonderful when you find the perfect swimsuit to go with your figure, but on the beach, the last thing you would want is to draw other people’s attention to the unsightly dark spots on you. Intimate bleaching ...
laser scar removal

The Effectiveness of Laser Scar Removal

Many people who struggle with acne scars, surgical scars, or scars from injury are likely to ask this question from a skin care expert: can laser surgery remove scars? The good news is that laser therapy can indeed remove or reduce most types of scars, and in fact, it is not a surgery.  Laser scar ...
mesotherapy for weight loss

How Can Mesotherapy Help For Weight Loss?

Mesotherapy has become a popular option for those who continue to have trouble with weight loss. It’s certainly not a magic bullet; however, it’s a treatment that’s worth trying. Let’s explore how this therapy option can help you lose weight and keep it off as you work to regain your health.   What is Mesotherapy? ...
madero massages

Madero Massages: How Wood Therapy Can Eliminate Cellulite

There are various methods available today to treat problems with cellulite. One such treatment is the Madero Massage. Madero Massages use wood tools to help eliminate cellulite on different areas of your body. Wood therapy is a popular spa massage method used throughout Florida and the rest of the country. If you haven’t tried a ...