At-Home Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

At-Home Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

The current pandemic is impacting nearly all aspects of life, but did you know that it can adversely affect your skin as well?

From damage caused by increased exposure to blue light from computers and laptops to stress-induced inflammation, there are several ways your new lifestyle can change your complexion. But don’t worry, with the right skin care tips, you can reduce these negative effects and get a glow-up while in quarantine!

Use calming face masks every other day


skin careWhen we say “face masks”, keep in mind that we are talking about sheet masks. While at-home peels and exfoliating masks are great, they are not meant to be used every day.

Regardless of how expensive an exfoliation mask is, using it every day will damage your skin’s natural barrier and further irritate your skin. So, limit these kinds of masks to once a week.

As for the rest of the days when you need to be gentle with your skin, indulge in a sheet mask with feel-good ingredients like blueberry, strawberry, papaya, honey, rice, etc. You can simply put them on your face while you are working on your laptop or watching Netflix – not a lot of effort is required on your part with these.

Regular usage of sheet masks will leave your skin feeling moisturized, baby-soft, and refreshed. Doesn’t this sound perfect, especially if the everyday stress has left your skin dry and tensed-up?

Use sunscreen even if you are not going out


A lot of women think that using sunscreen is only necessary if they are going out during the day, but that’s a major misconception!

It’s important to continue using sunscreen – even when you are working from home – for protecting your skin from free radicals. Maybe you are not spending much time outside but you are definitely getting exposed to “blue light” from your laptop, computer, and phone.

Blue light carries a whole lot of harmful free radicals that can cause pigmentation, among other skin issues. So, we recommend using a sunscreen that contains blue-light protection as well.

skin careTreat yourself to a spa day at home


Another great way to treat your skin at home is by investing in a face roller or a jade roller, applying a rich serum, and then gently massaging your face. Dedicate some time for skin care during the weekend for extra pampering and indulge in a DIY facial.

For the body, you can dry brush for incredible lymphatic detoxification. Just put on some relaxing music, light scented candles, and enjoy a nice warm bath afterward. While in the bath, apply a hydrating face mask for 15-20 minutes.

Decompressing your mind and body with these skin treatments will not only make you feel good but also brighten up your skin. 

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