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6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Facial

Facial treatments are important to maintain your skin health and youthfulness, even if you may not have any obvious problems such as acne, pigmentation, or blemishes. People often ask why you need a facial when your skin is doing fine. Here are some of the key reasons why facial treatments matter to fight pollution, stress, hormones, genetics, and environmental elements and keep your skin glowing.

Detailed Skin Cleansing 


A professional facial from a top Coral Gables medical spa will work to deep-cleanse your face, which is not possible to perform at home. The facial treatment expert will evaluate your skin type and your current skin condition, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic goals to create a customized facial solution for you. They will use advanced techniques, including steam, serums, and specialty products to open your clogged pores and thoroughly cleanse your skin. 

Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging


You skin luster diminishes with each passing day, and you are not getting any younger either. That’s why you need a facial from a reliable and reputable Coral Gables medical spa to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin rejuvenated and radiant. Periodic facial treatments will trigger the generation of natural collagen fibers in your skin to improve elasticity and volume, and reduce or delay the onset of aging lines and saggy skin. 

Improved Blood Flow and Skin Detox


Research shows that a good facial massage will promote blood flow in your skin. This allows your facial skin cells to receive plenty of nutrients and oxygen that are delivered through healthy blood. The results will show in the form of a glowing, younger looking face. 

Your Coral Gables medical spa facial expert may use unique ingredients, such as herbal oils and extracts, sea salt, and serums rich in antioxidants to detoxify your skin. This will keep your skin acne-free, and your face will remain clear and fresh. 

Extraction and Unclogging of Pores


A professional facial will usually involve extraction to eliminate the unwanted blackheads and whiteheads from your face. This will unclog your pores and make your skin look smooth once again. Clogging of pores also occurs because of all the damage caused to your face by pollution and free radicals in the environment. Your facial treatment specialist will use steam to help clear your pores, thus preventing bumpy skin, acne, and other issues. 

Exfoliation of Facial Skin 


Your skin naturally exfoliates and keeps sloughing off dead skin cells from the surface in order to make way for new, healthy cells. However, this cellular regeneration process experiences hurdles due to aging, environmental factors, illness, and other causes. A good facial will support your skin exfoliation in the face by thoroughly cleansing the top skin layers to reveal younger-looking, blemish-free, and healthy layers underneath. 

Relief from Stress and Anxiety


One of the important and surprising reasons why you need a facial is that it will pamper your skin and elevate your mood. Research shows that a healthy facial massage mitigates your anxiety and stress levels by activating the sympathetic nerves in your face. Your face has multiple pressure points that connect with different body systems, which receive therapeutic benefits with a good facial massage. 

Brighten Your Skin with a Custom Facial Treatment


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