Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

3 Ways Platelet Rich Plasma Can Rejuvenate Your Look

When Kim Kardashian first posted pictures of her getting a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy facial, aka Vampire Facial, the beauty world went mad. As more and more celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Bar Refaeli followed suit, many men and women also started asking their dermatologists about the procedure. 

If you are also wondering about the PRP treatments Coral Gables and whether to get one or not, this post is for you.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy? 


Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyThere is a reason why so many models and celebrities swear by the PRP therapy to achieve their unblemished and flawless skin.

During this procedure, a skin specialist injects platelet-rich plasma into the various parts of the face that have become dry and damaged over time.

The treatment stimulates the growth of healthier and newer cells while healing aging, damaged skin tissue. As a result, the facial skin appears younger and fresher almost instantly. PRP facial is one of the best ways to turn back the hand of time on your face for several reasons:

It heals damaged skin and encourages new cell production

Over time, our facial skin becomes worn out and wrinkly. This happens because the skin tissue gets exposed to so many factors like pollution, stress, and UV rays from the sun. Your face can start to look beat up and thinned out due to this.

PRP facial can reverse this issue with incredible effectiveness. This therapy relies on platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the face and forces your body to grow ne and healthy cells.

When the PRP is injected both into and around your facial skin, it jump starts the cell rejuvenation and healing process. Once the procedure is complete and your skin has recovered, you will see fresh, younger, and brighter skin that will last for months.

And since the specialist will use platelet cells taken from your own body, the treatment is very safe and efficient as well.

It activates your body’s natural process of renewal

When a dermatologist performs PRP facial, they use your own blood to obtain the maximum growth factors. For many years, scientists and medical professionals have used these growth factors to heal damaged tissue after surgery.

This is why PRP therapy is considered so safe. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

During the process, your aesthetician will extract about two teaspoons of your blood and put it into a centrifuge device. This device will extract platelet-rich plasma from the blood, which they will then inject into your face. 

By activating your blood this way, the PRP becomes a wholesome concentration of the most potent blood components. Fewer facials can compare to PRP treatments for this reason.

It will give you smoother and younger complexion

PRP facials target the crinkling skin around the neck, jawline, cheeks, and eyes. Once the blood has been injected into these areas, the damaged skin tissue in these areas start healing almost instantly.

Since the tissue growth factors are more potent and concentrated in the injections, your body is tricked into healing faster. Whether you are suffering from age spots, fine lines, crow’s feet, or any other issue, a PRP facial can help restore your skin’s naturally flawless appearance.

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